Web Analytics

1.Introduction to web analytics (30 Mins)

  • Why measure is required for all digital marketing initiatives?
  • Why web analytics is a must?

2.Google Analytics and Google Webmasters (5 Hours)

  • How web analytics work?
  • Installing tracking code, adding accounts, profiles and users
  • Configuring Filters and what’s their usage
  • Important dimensions and metric provided by GA

Visitors Entry

  • How users land on your website?
  • Identifying Traffic and keywords which bought them?
  • Search queries users used to land on your site?
  • Interpreting visitor behaviors and demographics
  • URL tagging with Google URL tagger


  • How many pages your visitors visited and why?
  • How to identify best page and worst landing pages?
  • Google search rankings for individual pages (Google webmasters)
  • Identifying bottlenecks which prevent conversions.
  • How to make your site favorable to Google Search Engines?


  • How users exit your website and why
  • How to reduce drop rates and increase conversions
  • Page Paths, Goals & Funnel visualization
  • Reports, Creating dashboards and automated emailers

3.Google Adwords (2 Hours)

  • How adworks works?
  • Smart keyword research through 4P’s of marketing
  • Creating Ad campaigns
  • Ways to get more ad clicks.
  • Bid management.
  • Calculating your conversion rates and budget for the same
  • Linking Google Adwords with Google Analytics.

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