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COURSE I - Mobile App UI/UX Design Principles From Scratch With the smartphone boom, the focus has turned back on how to provide the best user experience on the limited screen size of the mobile. Our course for mobile app UX|UI design principles let you smartly make use of the small real estate and craft enduring user experience and user interface that together lead to a successful mobile app. With over a billion app downloads till date, rest assured, your career prospects will shine bright as a mobile app UI/UX designer.

Program Content  

  • User Experience: The basics
  • Think and act like a pro designer
  • Design for end users – Basics and full scale applications
  • Use colour and know about its hierarchy
  • Low fidelity wire-frames
  • High fidelity wire-frames
  • Prototypes: Know more
  • Go beyond design: Sell it, Present it, Critique it

Phase  1. A Designer’s Tools

  • Design Mock-ups and editing Images
  • Illustrator -  Creating illustrations & logos,
  • Balsamiq – Wire Framing Tool
  • InVision – Prototyping Tool

Phase 2 – Getting Right UX/UI design

  • a. UX Design
    • UX History
    • Focus on usability
    • User Centric Design and its 10 principles
    • Aligning design to business needs and user preferences
    • End to end design process
  • b. UI Design
    • Introduction
    • Basic screen
    • Your very first app
    • Screens for login, search, wishlist, registration, featured products, and settings
    • Create status bar and navigation bar
    • Using InVision for prototyping and some handy tricks
    • Develop app icon and other icons
    • Working with colors and fonts
    • Wireframing
    • UI templates and kits
    • Use third party resources for development
    • A look at App Store guidelines for iOS and Android
    • Get your own app ready!

User Interface And User Experience Basic Fundamentals

All our courses are aimed to ensure the quick monetization of your UI/UX Design experience by ensuring that your knowledge gives you the desired designer job of your choice. With a few years of experience in this field, you would have laid a strong foundation to a prosperous global career. We provide you hands-on experience with the in-demand design tools. This will give you the confidence to take on real life case scenarios with amazing dexterity.


If you require a sound knowledge in UI and UX to propel your designer dreams ahead, then go ahead and enroll for our elaborate, yet fun-filled UX and UI training courses, only at WEBVIDHYA

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