Online Adwords Training


Learn to fully utilize Google’s advertising platform AdWords to grow your business, benefit the organization & clients you serve, and advance in your career.

This course also provides:

An understanding of the AdWords application and what you need to get started
The knowledge to incorporate Google AdWords into your current marketing efforts
The ability to create and edit targeted pay-per-click campaigns
The skills to create more compelling ads to drive better click through rates
The knowledge to analyze a campaign and find how to get more out of the budget, campaign, AdGroups, and ads

Who could benefit from this course?

Anyone wanting to gain a new skill that could lead to a career in Digital Marketing.
Marketing professionals/managers
Digital Marketers
SEM professionals looking for more insights
Website owners and developers
Entrepreneurs, looking to grow their businesses.

What will be covered?



Understanding the difference between organic and paid search results
Understanding pay-per-click advertising
Understanding Adwords account structure
Understanding Adtypes

Keyword Research

Purpose of keyword research
Keyword match types
Using negative keywords
Keyword Planner Tool
Budget Estimations

Creating a Campaign

Creating a new campaign
Setting up a new campaign
Budget strategy

Creating an Ad Group

Purposes of ad groups
Creating effective adgroups
Keyword & ad text strategy
Bid strategy

Quality Score

Understanding the AdWords auction
Understanding quality score
How to improve quality scores


Defining conversions
Testing Ads
Ads and cpc optimization

Tracking and Reporting

What to track?
How to track?
The optimization tools
Creating your customized reports

Dos and Don’ts

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