Drupal Training

1.Getting Started with Drupal
2.Drupal history and real world examples
3.Definitions and their implications:

  • Modules
  • Themes
  • Hooks
  • Nodes
  • Fields
  • Blocks
  • Menu
  • Filters
  • Taxonomy

Drupal Framework: LAMP, Core, Contributed, Custom

  • Adding and Editing site content
  • Creating new content types and fields
  • Adding fields to content types and customizing their display
  • Installing extra modules to add functionality to your site
  • Views Basic With Basic Table Display Implementation
  • Learning about Menus
  • User management
  • Users, Roles and Permissions
  • Keeping your site up-to-date
  • User Permissions
  • Tagging content with the Taxonomy system
  • Modules and Themes Basics
  • Understand the Drupal logs
  • Understanding Settings.php
  • Using the Drupal community to learn even more
  • Rules and Flags
  • Profiles
  • Node Export
  • Adding a WYWIWYG editor to Drupal
  • Understanding Drush
  • Controlling content listings with Views
  • Using advanced field modules including Field Permissions, Field Collections, and Field Group
  • Controlling Content layout with Panels
  • Add a webform to your site
  • Using views arguments to dynamically filter your results based on the URL
  • Calendar Integration
  • Database Overview
  • Querying from Drupal Database
  • Installation Profiles
  • Understanding Drupal’s API and the hook system
  • Creating a basic module
  • Creating custom administration options
  • Using a Responsive Theme to make a mobile friendly site
  • Using the Form API
  • Drupal coding best practices
  • Providing themable output from your module
  • Techniques for keeping your site secure

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