Dreamweaver Training

Adobe Dreamweaver is a professional web design program created to produce highly professional websites from a standard HTML & CSS site to fully functioning e-commerce solutions. With it’s powerful interface you can quickly create layouts, manage site content and check for any code based browser compatibility issues. Dreamweaver’s built in file syncronisation manager, allows designers to track the upload and download of site components in just one click.

The Dreamweaver software is designed to work closely with other Adobe Creative Suite packages such as Flash and Fireworks to allow you to quickly and easily import and manipulate animations and graphics. The coding within Dreamweaver will aid any web designer to stay well ahead of the game when considering web standards with each new Dreamweaver version generating code that complies with the ever evolving web standards set by the W3C.


By the end of this course students will understand how Dreamweaver works and understand :

  • the structure of websites and web design overall
  • how to quickly build responsive web pages
  • styling content properly using CSS
  • building Dreamweaver templates
  • include 3rd party media like video, rotating banners, twitter feeds etc.
  • publish and test websites

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