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AngularJS  Training in hyderabad or Angular is a powerful JavaScript framework developed by Google to address the issues most developers face while developing single page applications. AngularJS  Training in hyderabad is an open source platform and therefore can be used freely by any developer world-wide to develop applications for web. As AngularJS  Training in hyderabad uses Model-View-Controller (MVC) and Model-View-Viewmodel (MVVM) architecture on the client side, it has become the favourite technology of most companies in India and abroad. As AngularJS  Training in hyderabadis highly versatile and robust it is being used by many big companies like PayPal, Freelancer and Upwork.

 AngularJS Syllabus

1.Web development history
[ / PHP (all synchronous operations ) ] => [Introduction of Ajax ] => [ websites (async operations)] => [Introduction of JSON web services] => [introduction of UI frameworks]

2.Service side VS client side programming

3.Available UI frameworks

4.Why Angular? 

5.Environment setup

  • Choice of IDE & installing it ( visual studio code, visual studio, eclipse or any text editor)
  • Installing node and npm
  • Install angular CLI
  • What is angular CLI? Installing angular CLI. Comprehensive list of CLI command.

6.Creating first Angular project

  • Creating first Angular application with angular CLI
  • Building and running angular Application
  • Angular standards and deep dive into project structure (Significance of each folder & file)    ( Revise this after few lectures)
  • How to run End to end test cases and unit testing

7.Angular project flow

  • Flow from boot strapping app to running into browser
  • Making small and easy changes to first app
  • How to debug angular application 

8.Prerequisite of learning Angular

  • Introduction to HTML
  • Introduction to bootstrap CSS ( optional )
  • Introduction to Typescript (Necessity of Typescripts in enterprise applications) – Create classes use it in first app.

9.Angular Architecture

  • Architecture overview
  • Intro to Modules
  • Intro to Component
  • Intro to Services and DI ( will cover in next lecture ) 

10.Components in details

  • Component ( selector, inline template, template url, styles, provider )
  • Template syntax ( various ways of data binding)

A. Interpolation

  1. Template expression
  2. Expression context

B.Property binding

  1. Difference between element attribute and property
  2. Element property binding
  3. attribute, class, style binding

C.Event binding

D.Two way binding

  • Using various html elements in angular e.g. textbox, button, dropdown, checkbox, radio   button etc
  • Child components – Event emitter and custom property 


  • Attribute directives (ngClass, ngStyle,ngModel)
  • Structural directives (ngIf, ngFor, ng Switch)
  • Creating custom directive


  • using inbuilt pipes e.g. DatePipe, UpperCasePipe, LowerCasePipe, CurrencyPipe, and     PercentPipe etc
  • Parameterized pipe
  • Creating custom pipe


  • Setup (npm install @angular/animations@latest –save)
  • Example


  • User input
  • Form validations

15.NgModules in details

  • NgModules introduction ( declaration, imports, exports, providers, bootstrap )
  • js modules vs NgModules
  • Frequently used modules
  • Roots module vs Feature module
  • Creating feature module and use it in app ( which requires routing ) 

16.Routing and navigation

  • Configuring router for app
  • Significance of <base href=”/”>
  • Router outlet
  • Router link
  • Passing param using router
  • Router events
  • #Advance topics
  • Routing components from other modules
  • Lazy loading

17.Http client

  • Setup
  • Using Observable and RxJS
  • Calling rest services (GET, PUT, DELETE, PUT).
  • Error handling
  • Calling aws rest service endpoint ( or mocked rest service endpoint using ) #Advance topics
  • Debouncing requests e.g. search widget
  • Request/response interceptors

18.Creating application – User management system

19.Deploying app ( Illustration of deploying on AWS cloud server )

20.Interview questions will be discussed with every topic

21.Git repository setup(optional)


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