Adwords Training

1.Campaigns Covered

  • Google PPC Campaigns
  • Yahoo/Bing/MSN Campaigns
  • LinkedIn Campaigns
  • YouTube Video Campaigns
  • Face book Campaign
  • Twitter Campaigns

2.Overview Of The Search Marketing Landscape

  • A review of the latest search marketing trends
  • A look at the latest pay-per-click advertising options
  • Comparing AdWords with Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter advertising
  • Choosing between SEO and PPC
  • What is Pay Per Click (PPC)?
  • How does PPC work?
  • Importance & Benefits of PPC

3.Adwords Modules

  • Mccadwords
  • Adwords Express
  • Adwords Merchant Center
  • Adwords Editor
  • GOMC Challenge
  • Creating an Online Video Campaign (YouTube Ads)
  • Shopping Ads


  • Google Ad words Account Structure
  • Google Search Network
  • Google Display Network
  • Google partner Websites
  • Location/ Language Targeting
  • Bid Budget Management
  • Accelerated / Standard Delivery
  • CPC,CPM,CPA ,CPV,CPD Methods
  • Keyword Types (Broad, Phrase, Exact and Negative)
  • Ad rank, Actual CPC ,CTR
  • Ad Extensions
  • Schedule: Start date, end date, ad scheduling
  • Ad delivery: Ad rotation, frequency capping
  • Quality Score and Its Importance
5.Display Network Targeting

  • Concept of CPM and Branding
  • Landing Page Optimization
  • Automatic /Manual Placements
  • Interest & Groups Targeting
  • Re-marketing Targeting
  • Age, Gender Targeting
  • Topic Based Targeting

6.Ad formats And Ad guidelines

  • Create Effective Ads
  • Ad copywriting best practices ad copy testing
  • Text Ads and Guidelines
  • Image Ad Formats and Guidelines
  • Display Ad Builder Ads and Guidelines
  • Video Ads Format

7.Tools and Analysis

  • What is Landing Page?
  • Optimizing your landing pages
  • Competitors Website Analysis
  • Ad group Performance Reports
  • Using ‘Calls to Action’
  • Keywords Performance Reports
  • Purpose of Conversions
  • Create your Conversion Tracking Code
  • Tracking the Conversions for Multiple Product
  • Tracking the Google Analytics Code
  • Change History Tool
  • Display Planner
  • Ad preview Diagnosis

8.AdWords Live Project

9.Adwords Course material & Videos

10.Mock Certification Exams

11.Google AdWords Fundamentals Exam

12.AdWords Advanced Exam

13.AdWords Advanced Display Exam

14.You tube Advertising Exam

Adwords Certification




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