Ad Trafficking

1.Introduction to AdOperations ( Ad Operation Topics will be covered in DFA & DFP )
2.Procedure & process of serving the Ads
3.What is a console (DFA & DFP)
4.How is the console used?
5.Why do we need a Server/Console to serve the Ads?
6.DFA (Advertisers)

  • Introduction & Overview
  • What is DFA?
  • How is DFA helpful?
  • Trafficking
    • Creating a Campaign
    • Creating a Placement
    • Uploading Creatives
    • Create an Ad
    • Link the Ad to the placement
    • Export tags
  • Reporting

7.DFP (Publishers)

  • Introduction & Overview
  • What is DFP?
  • How is DFP helpful?
  • Trafficking
    • Creating Advertisers
    • Creating Orders
  • Creating Line items
    • Naming
    • Flight
    • Targeting
    • Impressions
  • Creating Ads
    • Standard Ads
    • Flash Ads
    • Third-party Ads
    • Interstitials
  • Reporting
  • Campaign optimization

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